Dispute Resolution

The firm handles complex cases before Italian courts and panels of arbitrators, both domestic and international, including arbitration proceedings governed by major international arbitration bodies, such as the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

Corporate clients need lawyers with technical expertise and a practical approach to meet the demands of the evolving global marketplace. The Italian expertise and cross-border experience covers a wide range of issues specific to various industry sectors. The firm has been appointed to provide specialised assistance in areas such as commercial litigation, insurance litigation and intellectual property litigation.

Arbitration is now the preferred method of resolving disputes that have an international element. Over the last decade, the number of international arbitration proceedings, including investment treaty claims, has grown dramatically and so too has the complexity and value of those proceedings.

This makes an understanding of international arbitration and investment treaty protection vital for anyone working across borders.

The firm is advising businesses on what can and cannot be done to ensure that our clients’ rights and reputations are protected.

In the same manner as tangible property, creativity and invention can form the basis of property rights that can be owned and exploited. These intangible, intellectual property rights have, in recent years, become of increasing significance to businesses operating in all sectors. They are rights that need careful management using lawyers that have a creative and flexible approach to dispute resolution.

Over the past decades, intellectual property litigation has dramatically increased as companies become more and more attuned to the value of intellectual property rights. As business, trade and the impact of technology becomes increasingly global, awareness of the value of intellectual assets grows.