International Law

In international commerce, the cost of ignorance and misunderstanding is high. What you don’t know about doing business in a jurisdiction can cost you dearly.

From exchange controls to taxes to foreign investment requirements, the potential for errors when engaging in international business is great. This is true not just for small players; large companies stumble with alarming frequency. Mistakes can result in significant financial losses and damage your reputation.

When you venture into new markets, the firm can help you understand what you are getting into and advise you on the best way to protect your interests.

International product distribution

The firm help set up distribution networks, taking into account the relevant rules of the World Trade Organization agreements and European Union (EU) law for issues such as foreign exchange and competition concerns, regulations governing agency relationships, and product safety and warranty issues.

Protection of intellectual property rights

The firm counsel on protecting IP rights in various markets and how to strengthen protections against misappropriation or unauthorized use of trade secrets.

International technology transfers

The firm help structure licensing arrangements that conform to technology transfer laws and address potentially adverse foreign and domestic tax issues (*).

(*) Through Outside Counsels.