Online Services

In delivering the very best service to clients the world over, we aim to be at the forefront of technological and legal developments.

Through our Online Services, we can keep clients constantly up to date with the latest legal developments and we can enhance our working relationships by allowing direct access to the latest versions of transactional documents on specific deals and to an archive of documents from previous deals.

Managing complex or cross border deals is often challenging, expensive and time consuming. Deal Room is a powerful and easy to use tool that allows clients to exchange and share a wide range of transactional and/or non-transactional documents and information with MDM Law firm and other involved parties quickly and securely. Its use is particularly valuable as a way to facilitate the ongoing sharing of useful documents, know-how and relationship information. In addition, MDM Law firm Deal Room is widely used where there is a need to share documents on transactions spanning multiple jurisdictions as key documents are stored in a single, searchable repository, available 24/7.

For more information please contact your MDM Law firm relationship contact. If you do not know who your contact is, or you are a new client, please email

  • Secure, online access to either transactional or non-transactional documents
  • A single repository, useful as an ongoing archive of key relationship information and/or transactional materials
  • Personalised email alerts can be received if the site is updated
  • Free text search is available on the entire site content
  • Simple management to track who accessed what and when they did so
  • Available 24/7 from any time zone
  • An easy and intuitive to use website
  • Intensive project management – ideal for managing confidential documents or a large volume of documents and keeping control of events when working to a tight timescale
  • Frequently referenced documents – a single repository saves time if you need to refer back to documents constantly. You can view the latest version plus the previous drafts giving you a full history in one place
  • Significant number of parties – easy-to-control document distribution lists help you keep track of who accessed what
  • Multi-jurisdictional scope – access is available 24/7 so people in different time zones can always access the most recent documents
  • More secure than email or fax – password protection covers all information

Deal Room now also offers a Bound Volume (or transaction bible) repository. These contain an indexed set of the final key transaction documents as executed – and can be created automatically. Over time this builds into a fully searchable archive of valuable transaction know-how for your organisation.