EU adopts measures to respond to Russia’s military aggression

2023-04-29T22:34:58+00:007 March 2022|EU Law, Insights, International Commercial Law, International Law, International Sale of Goods, Latest News, Legislative Updates, Market trends, Pro-Bono, Regulatory and Compliance|

We are here to help you navigate the challenges you and your organization may be facing as a result of the Russian military's invasion of Ukraine.

ISO 27018 sets data protection standards for the cloud

2015-01-06T21:00:15+00:006 January 2015|Conflict of Laws, EU Law, Insurance and Reinsurance, International Commercial Law, International Sale of Goods, IP Law|

In July 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) and International Electrotechnical Commission (“IEC”) published ISO/IEC 27018 (ISO 27018), a code of practice that sets forth standards and guidelines pertaining to […]

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