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Milan, 11 March 2020

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak represents one of the most significant global public health crises in the last 100 years. This pandemic is causing major disruptions and unprecedented commercial volatility.

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19 has quickly evolved from a local issue to a global crisis. In addition to the tragic human loss, the disease is having and will continue to have a profound economic impact. On this page we will be providing regular legal updates on issues affecting our clients’ businesses in Italy and around the world. Below is a list of our published updates.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) was declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organisation on 30 January 2020. It has required governments, and particularly healthcare systems, to respond swiftly and in a coordinated way to ensure that they are properly mitigating and responding to the evolving situation to ensure the wellbeing of their citizens.

This is above all a human and social crisis, necessitating some significant changes in the way everyone goes about their daily lives. As efforts are underway to manage the spread radiate across the world, the impact to businesses and economies has become increasingly significant.

Our clients are assessing (as we are ourselves – for more information on this please see MDM Law firm response to coronavirus), on a continuous basis, how to address the threat posed by Covid-19 to their workforce, customers, suppliers and wider stakeholders. On this page, we’ve pulled together our insights on some of the key issues affecting businesses globally and possible solutions.

Coronavirus Resource Center

This page is meant to provide clients with updates and articles on the legal, regulatory and contractual implications of Coronavirus Covid–19 in Italy. If you wish to be informed when a new update is published and for any other request please send an email to Thank you!

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Shareholders’ meetings and annual financial statements at the time of Covid-19 (in Italian)

20 March 2020|

Italy: The Italian government adopted urgent and extraordinary measures aimed at allowing companies to call ordinary shareholders' meetings within 180 days of the end of the financial year, as well as to facilitate the holding of shareholders' meetings, in compliance with the provisions aimed at reducing the risk of contagion (contents are in Italian).